Traveling with children: the 10 most useful tips

1. Choose the destination that best matches your needs and those of your children.

Travelling with children, from their youngest age, is possible all over the world! However, there are some destinations that are closer to our dream of travel and the type of holiday we are looking for.

The idea is to find a destination where children can live interesting experiences for them every day, involving them and entertaining them. For example, if you are travelling with small children, look for relaxation but do not want to put aside your desire for discovery and adventure, Indonesia and South East Asia can be perfect destinations for you. Are you travelling with children ages 6 and up, in full exploration, or with teenagers? Africa could be the top destination for you! Listen to your children, make it a game to write on a sheet of paper everything they would like to learn from their journey, combine what you parents are looking for and here is the solution!

2. Find out about the availability of everything that could be useful on site.

From food to real allies, such as travel costs, high chairs and strollers. There are children all over the world, so you’ll probably find everything you need to travel with them everywhere. But sometimes it is really advantageous to inquire first about what can be more practical. Stroller or baby carrier, for example? If you plan a trip to a large metropolis, from Singapore to New York, the stroller will make your journey more peaceful to both you and your younger children. If you are planning great trekking, hiking and discovery adventure, or simply your next destination will be South East Asia, the baby carrier is without a doubt your future best friend. Do not overlook the possibility of rental on site. In the main tourist areas, more and more agencies are springing up, making it easier for families with children to travel, renting strollers, camping beds, car high chairs and even bottle warmers. A quick internet search before departure may prove to be really profitable, but never as much as the experience of local agents that will really advise you in the best way.

3. What to pack? Light games!

It is thought that travelling with children cannot be compared to travelling light. Nothing could be more wrong! Find out in advance about the climatic conditions of your next destination and act accordingly, packing just the bare essentials. You will be the first to be happy, especially when it comes to retrieving your bags at the airport or loading them in the car. It is known, especially on holiday, that children need a change per day. Don’t be afraid and take advantage of on-site laundries: it will be much easier and can always be found. Moreover, even if your destination is warm and sea, do not neglect to always have a sweater in the bag for temperature changes and for air flights, where air conditioning is often very strong. Just this and a cover to avoid a cold before the party starts! 🙂

4. Health: get a list of medications from your doctor.

Your doctor is the most competent to know which drugs to pack for you and your children depending on the destination you have chosen. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with him to check up on health and give you a list of essential medicines. They will occupy you a good part of your baggage, but it will be worth it in the moment of necessity.

5. What toys should you bring?

Just like with suitcases, the best solution is always the lighter one. During the trip, your children will be passionate about novelty and will find it much more fun to play with everything that was unknown to them rather than takes advantage of their own toy trunk at home. Do not be afraid! A couple of toys will suffice. A book, a toy car, a doll, according to their preferences. Before departure, let them choose them! The situation is different if we are faced with a long and often tiring flight. When travelling with children, you always prefer overnight trips so that it is less boring for them and for you. For very long flights, opt for airlines that have entertainment on board. And then arm yourself with a lot of patience and their favourite toys, even better if books or coloured pencils to draw together.

6. Keep valuable allies on hand: antibacterial wipes and gel.

When travelling, it is not always possible to wash children’s hands and thus prevent all possible diseases. Having an antibacterial hand-washing gel in your bag will help you in all those conditions in which the bathroom will not always be available. Equipped with wipes that will always be useful, wherever you are in the world!

7. Excellent medical insurance: never neglect it!

It can quickly become your best friend. Never neglect it! Find out about the one that best fits your needs, covering the whole family. It will allow you to have access to the best medical facilities wherever you are, especially with English-speaking staff with whom you can easily communicate. Do not hesitate to consult our service page: Europe Assistance.

8. Involve children in preparing for the journey.

For children, travel is an incredible source of adventure and discovery. Involve them in the preparation of your itinerary, show photos and videos of your destination, take an interest in them from home. They will be better prepared once in place, especially for those areas of the world where culture is very different from yours. Also, let him experience this great adventure as a game. For older children, give them a camera to discover and capture the places together with you, encourage them to keep a travel journal. They will be some of their best memories.

9. Get advice from specialists.

If you want to leave in peace and enjoy your holiday to the full, rely on a local agent who will organize it for you. According to your needs, the age of your children, housing, but above all the experiences that you can do together. It will save you time and you will be sure of the result.

10. Advice for parents: Relax and take your time!

Travelling with children is challenging but it is possible and, above all, beautiful. The first golden rule? Be flexible! Also, consider their needs, don’t plan too trying days but, on the contrary, always calculate a few hours a day dedicated to their fun. Make kid-friendly also activities that are not involving them, but always remaining to understand and adapting to their rhythms. You also travel for them and with them. It will be wonderful! And then … have a good trip!