Why go to Sri Lanka with your family

Do you want sun, sport, uncontaminated nature where your children can have fun, whether they are children or teenagers? A safe destination, where your family will be spoiled and welcomed with endless smiles? Then it’s just a trip to Sri Lanka, the one for you.

What to see and do in Sri Lanka with children

So small, but so varied! Sri Lanka really has it for everyone, from safaris to tea plantations, passing by the beautiful and deserted beaches and spectacular cultural sites … let yourself be helped by a local family expert and located in Sri Lanka to make an unforgettable tour for you and your whole family. Meanwhile, take a look at what you can’t miss if you travel to Sri Lanka with children!

  • Feel like Safari? With such a varied fauna, the whole family will be fascinated. The sacred animals of the country are the elephants, and you will see a lot of them in the national park of Uda Walawe or in that of Meinneriya. A safari that will steal the hearts of adults and children, who can see crocodiles, buffaloes, leopards and much more besides the magnificent pachyderms.
  • In Trincomalee your children will love diving to discover the seabed, looking for colourful fish and sea turtles … or even sharks (don’t worry, they are harmless)! Otherwise, they might discover a passion for sailing …
  • If you are a family of experienced sportsmen, you are in the right place: you just have to choose between rafting or canoeing on the rivers Kelaiya Ganga or Kalu Ganga, two overflowing rivers of adventure.
  • The little ones – but also the big – explorers will have a lot of fun going around the tea plantations by bike or by tuk-tuk! An unusual experience that will kidnap your children. Otherwise, if you are more relaxed, there is also a little tea train that leaves from Nuwara Eliya, which winds its way through the lush tea plantations.
  • Water skiing, diving and much more will be your favourite activities in Bentota, otherwise, you will go on catamarans to discover whales and turtles off Mirissa.

When to go to Sri Lanka with your children

The dry season is ideal for going to Sri Lanka, but if you want you can leave all year round because the climate varies from region to region: in summer you prefer the east, while for the Christmas and Easter holidays the South is better, the East and the mountains.

Practical tips for a trip to Sri Lanka

A flight from Italy to Colombo, the capital, is about nine hours, but for the children, they will pass quickly! Remember to bring candy, if it should hurt your ears. Mandatory in a suitcase a mosquito repellent: they are terrible! Avoid visiting the archaeological sites during the hottest hours of the day, because the heat can be intense due to humidity. For food, remember to always specify that dishes for children should not be spicy. In sacred places, remember that you cannot enter with hats but that you must have covered arms and legs. Finally, camera in hand and it’s off!